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Those dreams of yours are audaciously BIG.

More Wealth.
More Impact.
More Freedom.

You know you are meant for MORE…

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Perfect. You’re in the right place.

You're SO ready to take your Business to the next level.

2024 is your wealthy girl era in ALL areas of your life and business.

It's time to be beautifully remunerated for your gifts and expertise through repeat, predictable profits and YOU-aligned strategy you can execute consistently (even on your worst days). 

I get it,

You’ve worked your toosh off to get to this level of scale but deep down you know the current way is not the answer to increasing your impact and breaking through that revenue ceiling you’ve hit.

So, even though you’re rearing to go, tenacious AF and ready to DO THE DAMN WORK - you’re lost and confused at how it’s even possible to scale up without working even more hours or taking on more clients.

Your business is important but there’s a hard boundary at it cutting into your time with your family and loved ones. You didn’t start this thing to never leave your desk.

it’s a little hard to picture all that right now.
You're running on all cylinders -

  • Every inch of your calendar is crammed full with 1:1s
  • There was a time when every client was a hell yes! But now, some of your clients don’t quite fit the vision you have for the next phase of your business yet you feel like you can’t say no to the money.
  • The strategy behind your growth to date resembles a misfit concoction of ideas from other business owners, free masterclasses and coaches. It doesn’t feel reflective of your unique strengths.
  • You’re constantly in content creation mode and exhausted by the ever-shifting algorithms and features.
  • You’re in feast or famine revenue territory. As each launch or project finishes up your nervous system shakes with the make or break pressure of where your next sale will come from.

And to be Frank, You're feeling a bit burnt out by it all....

There’s hardly any space left
to grow because

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The strategies, systems and mindset that got you to fully booked 1:1 client work, are NOT the same as what will take you to your next level of impact and revenue.

And the beautiful thing?

All the answers you are looking for are currently sitting sweetly right there inside your business; your strengths and talents. They’re in the scale and type of freedom you are wanting to create and ultimately what your clients want from you.

You just need a process to help facilitate that exploration.

 A process that supports you to define (or redefine) your business structure to align with what makes you magnetically unique.

A process that attracts a consistent stream of “your couldn’t script this” aligned client discovery calls.

A process that creates consistent profits and exceptional client results all whilst leveraging your existing expertise and IP.

Real talk….

A process that transitions you into the spotlight of “go-to” in your industry through potent messaging and visibility.

That’s where I come in….

That’s where I come in….

I’ve spent the last two years coaching clients to leverage their strengths in all areas of their business for higher profits, greater ease and ultimately more freedom and fun.

your existing IP and genius to elevate your impact and results and create a thriving business that banks high profits on repeat.


When we blend strengths-driven strategy with the psychographics of your dream client… 

It's magical.

It's magical.

I know what it’s like to be so lit
up by the actual work you are delivering; your mission and movement in the world but confused by the noise of what exactly is the right strategy to reach more people and have the bigger impact you crave.

Obsessed with helping you reach the goals that are so big you don’t speak them out loud.

You see - I always had a belief that my work wasn’t scalable. It was too bespoke, too personalised and therefore needed to be 1:1. Truth was, that was total BS, keeping me small and also stopping me from serving more people. I totally restructured my entire business to be a reflection of me, my gifts and strengths. This process doubled my income whilst working school hours and taking Wednesdays off with my son. I now support my clients to do exactly the same through a unique integration of strategy, psychology and energetics. We’ll weave together my psychological knowledge of understanding people, their uniqueness and strengths and connect that with the psychographics of your ideal client so it's a relationship made in heaven.

Hi I’m Monique, Strengths-Driven Business Coach

You could say I know a few things about how to scale a business sustainably** and how to hold that level of success sustainably as a founder (**The KEY piece I believe to be missing from so many business programs).

My work centres around women feeling neon vibrant within themselves, tapping into their own unique edge and harvesting the gold from their own expertise to feel confident and resourced to build something that continues to ripple for years to come.

 two multi six figure businesses with a client list of fierce-AF
women building intergenerational wealth for their families
through my four part strengths-driven business framework…

of business consulting and psychology experience

10 years

A 6 month Whole Self Business Immersion
for Ambitious Female Founders ready to step into their fullest, untapped expression of wealth and impact through personalised, strengths-driven strategy.

chat with monique


Where self exploration meets sustainable business strategy

Get crystal clear on your end to end business strategy.

You’ll have the simple, sustainable steps mapped out to attract and create clients, deliver them incredible results and retain them on repeat. 

It’s the space where YOU and your BUSINESS grows…

You’ll be supported to -

Define or Re-define a highly profitable offer suite

 (based on the work you have ALREADY done)

Embody the Badass CEO that you are

... And show up as her confidently, consistently on your core marketing channels

Develop high quality converting copy

and messaging that speaks directly to your most aligned clients.

Work through your upper limit and core beliefs

so that you can hold the energetic identity of your dream income level.

with your business alongside a community of like-minded change-makers rising alongside you. It’s a glow-up like no other. 

You’ll reignite the spark

I Need This!



is all about honouring your established expertise. You are not starting from scratch. You’re not a beginner. It’s about bridging all of the gold inside of you within this space.

We create                       
using your unique edge.
Translating your strengths into the best fit environments for your offers to thrive.

In                        you get the strategy, action and energetics needed to build your six to multi six recurring revenue stream.

High profit margins 

High touch offers with leveraged lower tier core programs

A lean team (outsourced support where needed) 


Simple systems to analyse data and refine your highest ROI activity (so you’re spending time on the things that matter most)

A focus on values and lifestyle led design and decision making

Carve out your CEO identity

by harvesting the gold from your past, integrating historical blocks and finding your transferable strengths and skills that you can leverage now to make more money.

How we’ll get you there


Get crystal clear

on your unique point of difference and how to story that in a way that translates to magnetic, compelling content and visibility.


Create an actionable plan

to profitably scale your business in a way that honours your relationships, current life season and feels good to your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


Guided journaling and targeted coaching for you to get crystal clear on your unique edge, relationship building style and hidden strengths. 

Self Exploration

A mini human design reading exploring how you can utilise this lens to enhance your leadership and visibility within your business.

Solidify your life meets business sweet spot. Identifying your overall business model and product suite through the eyes of your dream life. Reverse engineering from there.

Leveraging your existing IP to create a personalised pathway to multi 6 figures


Increasing monthly recurring revenue on repeat through refining your core messaging and business model structure.

Building a flowing client generation process that feels reflective of you and magentises your dream clients

Creating compelling content that converts through your unique tone of voice and perspective.

We focus on what needs to be focussed on for maximum results and leverage.
Here’s everything we’ll cover;

We go for depth over breadth.

Identify and redefine those hidden core beliefs that are creating your current upper limit.

CEO Mindset. Practices, tools and tips to sustain you at your highest vibration (and ways to turn it around for when you’re feeling a little deflated or flat)

Built in bespoke support to every call, every voice memo, every response. I see YOU at the centre of your business and utilise my unique skills in psychology and business strategy to support you holistically. 

Soulful, sustainable systems and structures to scale. We’ll customise funnels, explore automation and alongside implementing data tracking tools that map your marketing and conversion activities. No more guesswork in what works best.

Neon bright visibility strategies focussed on amplifying your difference and USP.

Psychology informed business excellence to enhance your customer experience, average spend and retention rates.

You will learn so much more

More details on what you get...

Personalised support in our Luminate Slack channel for real time coaching and consultation. 

Fortnightly hot seat coaching calls for 1 on 1 intensive support. 

Monthly focussed group trainings around potent needle moving topics such as captivating messaging, aligned offer creation, compelling content, creating, converting and retaining dream clients and building systems and structures for scale.

Energy clearing sessions with my personal Kinesiologist to integrate the identity shifts at a cellular level. 

Quarterly strategy sessions to get crystal clear on your business vision and craft an action plan to support it. 

A bestie like community of likeminded Coaches, Consultants and Creatives ready to hold you in your expansion and glitter you with inspiration along the way. 

The structure and personalised support that you need to reach those audacious big goals. You are beautifully illuminated here. There is nowhere to hide. We're with you every step. 

Let’s take a look inside… 


the business of you

the integration - 

There's a BIG difference between people who ARE the business and people who are IN a business. It's a totally different template. Your business success is intrinsically linked to your self exploration, optimisation and ability to manage your mindset. 

AMPLIFy what makes you magnetically unique

focus 01

Identify your unique edge: Explore your strengths, talents and skills. Get crystal clear on how these translate within your business. 

Meet your inner CEO: Your success is 80% mindset. We'll explore mindset anchors to support your ongoing growth and expansion. 

Explore your upper limit: Map an individualised process to manage your schema's that are currently holding you back from ultimate success. 

strengths driven strategy


Nothing is more magnetic than you in your full creative expression. It's time to translate that into a successful strategy to blow up your biz. We'll get crystal clear on what is required of you to hit those unspoken goals that are unfolding for you inside Luminate. 

A strategy that creates insane roi based on your zone of genius


Reverse Engineer: your revenue goals so that you feel super clear on what you are selling and when. No more confusion, overwhelm or procrastination.  

Balance retention with growth: Map your marketing so you are both supporting your current audience and also leveraging others platforms and expanding your reach. 

Create a process: of strategic delivery that reflects your unique edge, supports you to stand out in your brilliance and ultimately delivers the highest ROI on your time investment. 

The integration - 

Create offers that leverage your expertise AND create big impact and transformation for your ideal clients. Narrow in on your unique framework or model and translate that into an offering that makes sense for you and your lifestyle goals AND your clients needs. 

find the sweet spot between what your client needs and what you were born to deliver


Aligning your offers: to you as the business owner and the way you want to do business. Getting this wrong can be the difference between burnout and feeling fulfilled and spacious in your business. 

A no brainer refined offer suite Support that makes complete sense to your ideal client and their current stuck points.

Precision pricing: Feel into a pricing strategy that you can fully stand behind in your sales process. 




Sales is the heartbeat of your business. We'll explore your relationship to selling, anchor into a value based mindset and build a sales system that amplifies your natural strengths. 

A sales process that feels you-shaped that you can get excited about


A reliable leads system: that generates high quality clients on repeat. 

Map your aligned sales system: Set your bespoke sales strategy in motion that mirrors how you build relationships and connect naturally. 

The energetics of sales: Embody the wealth energetics of sales and the belief to get behind high sales generating activity. 



Embody your authentic inner lead singer and translate your messaging in a way that speaks to your dream clients and creates demand for your offers.

create compelling content that converts your audience into paying clients


Psychology informed memorable messaging: We'll shake up your current copy as you learn the super simple process to write content that engages your audience. 

Create your HERO system: Align your content strategy with your preferred communication modes. Map a system for this to work FOR YOU in your business to magnetise your audience. 

Develop a content plan: Create your own content strategy that makes showing up on Instagram, Linked IN or your chosen platform easeful and fun. 


the integration - 

Build your scaleable plan implementing the essential foundations required to 10x your current business model and sell offers in your sleep. 

take your depth broader to impact more people

focus 05

Befriend automation: Sift through each step within your client attraction, delivery and retention process and look for opportunities to automate whilst keeping those personalised aspects that are most important to you. 

A plan for consistent conversions: Map out your step by step process for predictable new client creation and conversion. 

Map your repeat processes: Develop a core suite of SOP's for your business. Allowing you to scale from a place of clarity and onboard with ease. 

Some kind and wise words from those who’ve gone before you

What they’re saying…

I started hitting 30k months which was a goal I had been trying to hit for over 12 months. I identified my ideal client and am now working with a client base that share my business values which has been such a game changer.

It's difficult to put into words the amount of change in me in the last 6 months. My confidence in myself and my decisions as a business owner has grown so much. I had so many beliefs about myself that were completely incorrect and Monique has really helped me to tap into the confident and capable CEO that I am.

I have consistently converted proposals whilst uplifting the $$ value of those proposals. I have projected revenue into FY25 because I have talked to my strengths.

Your advice, support and tools are practical. They help me to immediately take action, I don't get stuck in "the thinking", I get into "the doing".

Monique is incredibly practical and hands on, it makes it unavoidable to implement the magic we discuss on our calls or slack interactions. This is exactly what I need, someone who helps me be me but get better at putting myself into the world in a way that makes money, feels good and create impact.

I landed 2 out of the 3 major partnership packages we shaped over our coaching calls. The third will land, I have no doubt. We are talking $100k a year to confidently lock in rather than hustling for bits and pieces. I have also said no to opportunities that don't align so a tangible result is also me being in my power, not drifting aimlessly but making money doing the stuff I love best, without reinventing the wheel each time.

You have an area of established expertise that you are currently monetising in some way. 

You're looking for a done for you service, where you have someone else do the work for you.

for you


This is                          if ...

This                    for you if..

Your searching for a quick fix step by step blueprint to grow your business that is not personalised to you. 

You're an ambitious female entrepreneur and know you are destined for bigger impact. 

You run a service based on personal brand business

You respect the role mindset plays in your success and are willing to do the work. 

You are a product based business. Luminate is designed for online service based providers. 




When does it start + what time are the calls?

The second cohort of Luminate will commence in August 2024. Waitlist is open now. The first round sold out in just eight days of open cart. Spots will be released to the waitlist prior to the general public. 

Is this just another course?

Luminate is definitely NOT a course. Yes, there are modules which we have as our monthly themes however they are taught live in a collaborative way to support your business journey. Everything in the program is designed to help build our your personalised strengths-driven strategy. No cookie cutter, copy cat step by steps here. 

How many women are in the program?

My intention is to keep this initial round of Luminate an intimate space. The vision is to hold space for 8-10 incredible, driven, mission led women ready to fully step into their boldness and build confidence through connecting with their strengths. 

What stage of business do I have to be at?

Luminate is designed for those with an established area of expertise that they are looking to scale. It is well suited to those who may be fully booked in their 1:1 or consulting work but looking at how they can leverage their expertise to increase their impact OR for those looking at pivoting their current offerings.