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extrovert. leo sun. cancer moon. airies rising. 5/1 generator

i'm monique, an online buSIness coach + QUALIFIED Therapist


**OBSESSED**  with helping you reach the goals so BIG you don’t speak them out loud


COUNTLESS HOURS with all the free downloads, webinars hoping to find the right strategy for me.

{Lightbulb Moment} I was building my business around someone else's zone of genius, not my own. Of course these model mentor strategies were never going to work. 

It had to come from within me. 

What I needed to grow a highly profitable business was inside me all along. 

I just needed someone to walk alongside me and ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Someone to COACH more than they EDUCATED. Someone to help guide me towards the big vision I had set through the lens of what made me magnetically unique and hold me in the messy emotions that came up as part of it. 

It was hard to find..... 

So I created it! Thus the STRENGTHS-DRIVEN BUSINESS movement was born. 

Nothing stuck. 

Xoxo, Monique

i felt mOre lost than ever. 

constantly doubting myself.

AND how to hold that level of success for the long-term as a founder (**The KEY piece I believe to be missing from so many business programs). 

My work centres around women feeling neon vibrant within themselves, tapping into their own unique edge and harvesting the gold from their own expertise to feel confident and resourced to build something that lasts the distance and ripples for years to come. 

YOU could say i know a few things about how to scale a business sustainably**

I help IMPACT-seeking WOMEN UP-LEVEL THEIR mindset and strategy TO LIVE A LIFE OF FREEDOM


10 years

business consulting + psychology experience


multi six figure businesses


fierce-af women building intergenerational wealth for their families through my strengths-driven business framework


I am a Leo after all so the corporate exit was always going to be big and bold. I travelled to LA, taught in a bunch of studios and eventually learnt that some passions should never be turned into income generating ones. 

dramatically quit my corporate HR role for a yoga teaching career change


Seconded out to a bunch of businesses to work with CEO's on their strategy? YES please - sign me up. However, some things are too good to be true (or so they say) and rather than infiltrating transformational change, I ended up spending more time kicking back with the big boys in the boardroom. 

scored my first "big buck" consulting gig


In the search for MORE, I landed back at QUT (my first degree was business + psychology). I was convinced therapeutic work was where I could have the impact I desired.

back to uni


A multi six figure therapy practice, 12 month+ waitlist and extension to working with entrepreneurs and high level athletes around performance I was capped. I launched my first two live programs into the world. 

enter the online world


Mindset, high performance, business strategy - an integration of all parts of me with your business. I've taken the last 10+ years of business and psychology experience and packaged them up to expand YOU and your beautiful business to the impact it is capable of. 

bringing it all together

How I got here



Married to my dream surfer guy. we met online. he told his mum the next day he'd met the woman he was gong to marry. I spent the next month trying to not fall in love with him. We moved in together 3 months later.

Mama to pigeon pair kids. 20 months apart.

My freedom currency is travel. Give me an experience over a designer bag any day. 

I spent the majority of my late teens and early 20's navigating a nasty eating disorder. This has taught me more about the mind and overcoming beliefs than any degree i've gained.

I've been fascinated by human behaviour from an early age. Likely out of a necessity to make sense of a world that didn't look like the happy nuclear family you'd read about in books.

I've seen the impossible become possible time and time again. I don't believe in limitations.  The majority of that which you think isn't possible is directing you to a deeper belief system we need to rewire.

I'm a lifelong learner and a mindset of not knowing has supported me so well. I have four degrees behind my name. I think more than the topic focus itself, I learnt most about critical thinking and duality through my studies.