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1:1 coaching

let's create YOUR "WOW, this is better than i ever expected!" reality of success

Let me step into your world momentarily.......


You LOVE what you do and nothing lights you up more than seeing the impact and results that your work has on the world. 

Without sounding smug... You know you're one of the BEST

Problem is... the strategy (or lack of) that has gotten you to your current level of success has been based largely trying a bunch of different things and hoping they work. New client enquiry has been inconsistent and whilst things have always worked out you're starting to think that what you have been doing so far is probably not going to create the next iteration of success and impact you know you are meant for. 

Wouldn't you love to have the foundations of your business built in a way that was centred to your strengths? Strategy that was sustainable and easeful that brought in new clients consistently and focussed on retention without compromising your values for excellence and intimate relationships?

let's do this

SET THE intentional vision

we define your enough-ness number and your overall end game mission for your business. 

Basically the antidote to burnout, unrelenting standards and perfectionism. Reflect on your values, your 'why' and what's important in your life. Get clarity here before spending one more minute building another funnel or offer. Without this, you'll probably just end up blowing them up down the track any way when you're feeling resentful and working until midnight every night because you fell into the sneaky trap of more for more's sake. 


You + Me, all in



discover your standout edge

explore your strengths, talents adn skills that make you magnetically unique.

We'll get clear on your psychology, story and schemas (limiting beliefs), define your genius zone and identify the identity (and how to hold it) for you show up in your full authenticity. 


create informed offers

integrate your vision with an in-depth psych-graphic exploration of your dream client. 

Crystal clear clarity on their needs and how you are the best person to serve them with irisistable, no-brainer offers. 


strengths-driven strategy

weave it together into a sustainable strategy you can repeat on your worst days.

Map your marketing, messaging, audience growth, client delivery and retention strategy in a way that maximised return on investment and increases leverage. 

come meet the future version of you

Killer CEO Mindset: It all starts and ends here. 80% of success comes down to mindset. Because the truth is, the majority of business strategies work just fine it's the person executing them who derails them. My coaching helps you learn the skills to get out of your own way and see that unhelpful patterns that are creating your current upper limit. You become unstoppable when you are anchored into these inner resources and tools. 

An Aligned Offer Suite: Consistent income starts with the ways to work with you and finding that sweet spot between freedom, fulfilment and profit. 

Magnetic Messaging: A brand story that you are 100% behind. Crystal clear clarity on how to form and build relationships with your dream clients through your words, message and the movement you stand for. 

A Self-Led Strategy That's Designed To Sustain + Scale: A strengths aligned strategy that you can repeat on your worst days. Data backed actions that you trust get you the results you want. 

things are about to get
a big shake-up

You are obsessed with the work you do. You're lit up by the transformation, impact and results it provides your clients. Passion isn't teachable. You gotta bring it. 

This IS for you if

You're looking for something beyond teaching. You want coaching that supports YOU to transform and expand from the inside out. My goal is to develop your own inner resources as a CEO, not create dependence on me as a source guide. 

You are willing to do THE WORK. I will hold you in your potential and champion you to rise to it but you have to be willing to meet me there. 

You're committed to setting and achieving specific financial goals.

You are looking for a coach who'll give you a 5 step system or framework to build your business that you can emulate. 

This is NOT for you if

You do not have specific financial goals or are not interested in setting them.

You're not prepared to GO DEEP. The transformation in my coaching comes from your willingness to meet your shadow parts and learn the skills to get out of your own way and claim your desires. 

You are a product based business. I work exclusively with service based business owners and there's likely another coach out there who understands your business model WAY better than me. 

aka = what's included

Private Slack Channel. 

Deep Dive 1:1 Sessions

the perks 

No waiting around. Daily access to me every single weekday to work through things in real time. IMO the biggest game changer in 1:1 is this - you're fully seen. There's no where to hide. We keep you moving forward and deal with the wobbles as they happen. 

90 minutes monthly for the juicy strategic chats or belief shifting processes. 30 minutes as needed, on demand for anything else. 

Personalised Business Assessment

To identify where your current strengths lie and areas of focus for highest ROI and impact. 

Lifetime Access to my Business Library

Videos, spreadsheets and playbooks galore! All the revenue projection, strategy and marketing planning tools and templates you could possibly need to build and scale your business - yours, forever. 

Schema Report

So that you identify your deepest conditioning and blind spots and I can support you to relate to the protector parts within you as they come up through your growth and expansion. 

my super power? helping you illuminate yours. 

i integrate timeless self discovery and energetics with sustainable strategies that optimise your business while maintaining a connection to your values and what matters most.

Together, we'll package up your area of genius for greater impact and build a strengths-aligned marketing and sales system around it that delivers RELIABLY oN repeat. 

LEO sun, cancer moon, airies rising, 5/1 generator

wife, pigeon pair mama, entrepreneur, wannabe surfer

I'm Monique, business coach + qualified Therapist

Xoxo, Monique


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